Association Marocaine de Planification Familiale



The Moroccan Family Planning Association (AMPF) is a member of the International Federation for Family Planning (IPPF). As a result, it is part of an internationally and locally managed civil society movement that provides and facilitates access to sexual and reproductive health services and advocates for sexual and reproductive health services for all individuals without discrimination or stigma: women, young people and men, especially the underserved.


AMPF's 2016-2022 strategic plan is based on four final results based on the Association's Vision, Mission and Values and based on a fundamental foundation for the promotion of sexual and reproductive health and related rights.


The Right to Sexual and Reproductive Health

SSR: Sexual and Reproductive Health


These results help to promote and defend the rights to sexual and reproductive health, expand comprehensive sex education and access to quality services, especially to underserved populations; promoting the AMPF as a leader in the right to sexual and reproductive health through good governance, including the mobilization of resources.