Association Marocaine de Planification Familiale

As a member of the International Federation of Family Planning (IPPF) world leaders in the defence of SSR rights, AMPF is working as part of its 2016-2022 strategic plan to promote the Right to Sexual and Reproductive Health as Human Right through advocacy, training, information, providing integrated S.S.R. services and coordinating with NGOs and GGs in relation to its field of intervention.

Among the results expected at the end of its strategic plan are:

  • Result 1: Each individual (male, female and young) has free choice to exercise their rights to the CRDD whose main objective is to increase young people's access to a comprehensive sex education that enables them to exercise their rights in Sexual and Reproductive Health.
  • Result 3: Quality, integrated and diversified, delivered and easily accessible SSR services whose primary objective is to deliver quality, integrated and diversified and easily accessible SSR services.

In addition, by being part of the PSN 2017-2021, the AMPF plans, through its results, to contribute to the "Aids Response in Morocco". To this end, the association has made available to key populations a package of integrated, diversified and easily accessible essential services. These include HIV/AIDS testing, information, awareness at its 26 service delivery points and 7 mobile units (via a network of 350 community volunteers).

In view of the changing context and the identified and emerging needs of the target population, the fixed structures of the AMPF have been strengthened with qualified human resources, technical medical equipment and appropriate logistics. The same is true for mobile community-based service structures that have undergone redeployment.

In order to capitalize on activities in 2018, the AMPF plans to continue in 2019 in the activities of information, awareness, training of peer educators (relays to key populations) of services (HIV test and syphilis) and advocacy with local and regional decision-makers, drawing on potential partnerships and networking. . As a result, the project is based on four components:

  • Stream: information and awareness
  • Stream: training
  • Stream: Networking and partnership
  • Stream: SSR/STI services


The AMPF attaches particular importance to linking STIs to sexual and reproductive health by integrating counselling and screening services for pTME into prenatal consultations at its PPS level. For example, in 2018, the association's centres have provided more than 105,000 HIV-related services, 39% of which are provided to young people under the age of 25. This includes general HIV counselling, pre- and post-HIV counselling, risk reduction counselling, condom distribution, referrals, The number of voluntary rapid testing tests performed is in the order of 7532 tests, with 2300 pTME tests and more than 14,000 referrals for testing in Ministry of Health facilities. In addition, more than 45,000 registered beneficiaries of these services, 37% of whom are under the age of 25, more than 27,000 condoms distributed, for the prevention of HIV/AIDS and other STIs. Community Base Health Services (SBC) have raised awareness of 16,400 men and women, including migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, at the enterprise level.