Association Marocaine de Planification Familiale

The Moroccan Family Planning Association has put in place a national strategy, YOUTH FOR GAME, with the goals:

  • To improve the knowledge and attitudes of school and after-school youth aged 10 to 24 in the field of sexual health and reproductive rights.
  • Improving young people's access to information, education and sexual health and reproductive services.


The implementation of this strategy is based on the "youth for youth" approach, which consists of communication for youth behaviour change.


Youth leaders are selected and given training sessions that allow them to mentor other young people.


The next step is the creation of youth committees and sexual and reproductive health clubs in schools, youth homes or other youth care facilities.


These committees are then supervised for the design of communication projects and outreach activities through the various means and techniques of communication.


It is therefore with the aim of promoting the preparation of school and out-of-school young people to benefit from their right to SSR and responsible sexuality that the AMPF carries out activities integrated into the specific programmes of youth movements with the participation of young people to create new youth clubs for SSR education.


The training and awareness workshops that will be carried out in collaboration with the services and delegations of the Ministries of National Education, and Youth and Sports and NGOs and youth movements aim to:


  • Promote sexual/reproductive health education for young people aged 10 to 24.
  • Improve the skills of relay targets and peer educators in terms of SSR, gender, leadership and healthy living.
  • Establish youth committees and youth clubs for the SSR in youth structures.
  • Develop RSS communication projects and activities based on the youth youth approach.
  • Develop action plans for the delivery of SSR activities for young people.